spring is coming | upper east side, nyc


so, we all know we’ve had one long-ass crazy winter. but us new yorkers always new that spring just had to return eventually, right? well the one almost always surefire sign of an impending warming trend is when foliage first starts to appear on the long-barren branches of plants and trees. this bud tells us that nyc will soon enough be “going green”. time for shorts, sandals, linen, short sleeves, no sleeves, long walks, outdoor dining, handheld ice cream, and kisses worth remembering for where exactly they happened. many have jumped the gun already, living as if the temperatures were already in the 70s. but soon, none of us will have to pretend anymore. for spring is coming!

side gawk cafe | upper east side, nyc


spring weather gets very otherwise patient people out of their small apartments and out onto the streets. outdoors, we look forward to us new yorker’s favorite pasttime: people watching, no matter if it’s on the stoop of a brownstone, in any park, on the steps of st. pat’s, or at any number of outdoor cafes, nibbling and sipping away while gothamites rush or meander to their own people-watching spot, if they have the time

whose lemans? | upper east side

whose lemans? | upper east side

a quick trip back from the local bank down a street i walk almost every day, and i was nicely caught off guard by this beautiful old school pontiac lemans (i had to ask my car aficionado friend exactly what make this was), in a gorgeously retro sunburnt orange, and sitting parked and unattended with its hood slightly popped. made me happily nostalgic

goodnight, gracie’s | upper east side, nyc


i keep odd hours. i can be asleep as early as 8 at night, and sometimes can be up at around 3, 4, 5 in the morning. this particular morning a few days/nights ago, i found myself a little restless, and decided I wasn’t going to wait until 7 a.m. for fairway supermarket to open. gristede’s is open 24 hours, so decided to go there to do some food shopping. as i left and chose to walk home via 1st instead of 2nd avenue, I got what I then remembered would be one of my last looks at gracie’s diner, a neighborhood diner that has been at this location for generations and will be closing by year’s end as a new high-rise plans to go up on this corner. i had my iphone with me, so quickly strolled into the middle of 86th street while there was no traffic, and popped of this quick shot. it will be missed by a great many people

gated community | east harlem, nyc


on my way to taco mix (an east harlem taqueria) early on a friday morning, i got to see many other folks—store owners—getting ready to open their businesses for the day. this was a nice gentlemen who offered an unsolicited “good morning” to me, before unlocking the locks that would release the gates to his shop, it’s refreshing to see neighborhoods whose communities are still neighborly

play ground | upper east side, nyc


stumbled upon this blue octopus squeeze toy on the sidewalk just popping out of my apartment for a quick trip uptown. although it put a brief smile on my face, i couldn’t help but think that there was a young toddler or baby somewhere that was sad for losing it

leaving in a blurry | upper east side, nyc


so i’ve been testing out a new film and flash combo on my hipstagram app—one that takes great lowlight, high-contrast images, and converts them to black and white. while coming out of local fairway supermarket, I decided to see how this app combo would take an outdoor night shot. unintentionally, I snapped a shot before the app lens could lock focus. wound up with a blurred image that immediately reminded me of how many of my nights looked when I was out drinking to excess. I am as of today 26 days sober, and I am now glad to be able to use this image as a reference and reminder of my newly rediscovered “clarity”

flight kit | upper east side, nyc

saw a group a pigeons a lunch of breadcrumbs someone was nice enough to leave for them on the sidewalk. I slowly slinked my way over to get a overhead shot, when a van suddenly honked its horn and scared them into brief scattered flight. I was still able to click of a shot of this group of pigeons in (mid-)flight—called a kit of pigeons—as a pedestrian was about to duck her head while walking by on east 78th street

hittin’ the road trip | [gallery]

Bemus Point, NY

i don’t take off enough time. lucky for me last summer i have from friends who pretty much made me take time off, road -tripping up to jamestown, ny to hang with two of my all-time best buds for what had to be the most fun i had all year. good lookin’ out, danny and walter, and you guys can relive the whole experience with me going perusing my hittin’ the road trip | instagram gallery