misty may morning | upper east side, nyc


early morning, the first day of may. low fog obscures then hides the tops of even the shortest of buildings, random street-level fog mixes with steam escaping from a grate in the street where subway construction occurs. and at the early hour, the the lack of pedestrian traffic and the buffeted silence makes the surrounding visual that much more eerie yet comforting. it reminds me of The quiet of Gotham of which I once wrote

station wary | upper west side, nyc


the city is changing so quickly these days that ground level views I spent half a lifetime enjoying disappear almost as quickly as batting an eye. and i’m on the upper west side so infrequently that when i find myself coming out of the subway on 72nd and broadway, i am gladly overwhelmed with nostalgia that the view turning the corner is actually made more and more rewarding each time for remaining mostly the same as when i walked these streets everyday half a lifetime ago

jazz (is) history | harlem, nyc


many have already lamented the closing of harlem classic jazz space lenox lounge. it’s also going through a bit of a cultural renaissance. and as i watched this little girl stroll by a place that epitomized what a cultural mecca harlem used to be, i wondered is she was even remotely aware of the historical reverence this now boarded up storefront represented, or if she will be part of a new cultural that will as great define what harlem was and can be

play ground | upper east side, nyc


stumbled upon this blue octopus squeeze toy on the sidewalk just popping out of my apartment for a quick trip uptown. although it put a brief smile on my face, i couldn’t help but think that there was a young toddler or baby somewhere that was sad for losing it

“one man’s ‘brash’ is another man’s leisure!” | upper east side, nyc

one man's 'brash'

running a quick errand locally and on my sidewalk was this discarded chair which, by all appearances, had nothing wrong with it. maybe if i was just out of college and newly residing in the neighborhood would i have grabbed this and taken it home. but between the possibility of cat urine, bed buds, or a housed rat family, i decided against it. but for those brief few seconds, there was a bit of art on my street

polar complex | upper east side, nyc


the second coming of the so-called polar vortex saw the city blanketed in the same amount of snow as the first, yet with bigger, fluffier flakes, and softer winds that this picture actually portrays